About Allé Boutique

"Own Your Pretty,Own YourStyle, Be You"

"Own Your Pretty,Own YourStyle, Be You"

 Allé Boutique

Allé Boutique is an Atlanta based online women’s boutique. Allé was founded in October of 2012 byAlysa Baker. Alysa created Allé Boutique as a tribute to her love of fashion and in loving memory of her maternal grandmother, Ella Ruth Mays. The name is derived from Ella spelled backwards.

Alleboutique.comlaunched on November 15, 2014. Allé Boutique will  offer unique jewelry, accessories in sophisticated, sexy and cool styles.

In the future, Allé Boutique will offer quality, chic, apparel and shoes. Allé Boutique believes every woman should be sophisticated, sexy and cool in whatever she takes on in life.

As Alysa closely observed the fashion industry and what it has to offer, she noticed it lacks the concepts of self-love and self-confidence. Alysa is a firm believer that you must love yourself first. Society has one image of what the modern day women should look like; Alysa wants to change that image for all women to feel beautiful. Alysa's goal is to promote self-love and confidence by encouraging women to, “Own Your Pretty. Own Your Style. Be You.”

Allé Boutique is about making a difference in the community and lives of young women. Allé Boutique knows supporting one another is very important. Allé Boutique strives to give back to the community through charitable events held throughout the year. Allé Boutique will host self-empowerment and self-confidence activities that will help bring awareness to the importance of loving yourself through fashion. Making a difference is what Alysa and Allé Boutique believes in.


Mission Statement

To offer quality sophisticated, sexy, and cool styles at an affordable price and to encourage every woman to take ownership of their pretty, their style and ultimately be you.

Philippians 4:13